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I knew it had been awhile since I had posted on my blog but was shocked to see the date of my last entry: July 19!  No excuses except busy-ness.  I just haven’t taken the time- had the discipline- to put my reflections together with any regularity. My journal has been equally neglected.

But now I am wrapping up loose ends, clearing my desk, getting things in order so that I can make a long-awaited retreat. I have wanted to make an 8 day directed retreat at the Jesuit Eastern Point Retreat House in Gloucester, MA for many years. It was in my plans as I prepared for final vows in 1991!  Over Labor Day last year my friend Sister Maryanne from Boston drove me up to see the place when I was in town for a meeting. I kept the brochure on my desk for months before I finally went online to see when there were openings for directed retreats. In January they put me on a waiting list for a retreat in May. Since my experience with cancer I have been a bit reluctant to schedule anything farther into the future than a few months so this was a big step for me. 

When I was still third on the waiting list in April, I decided to let God decide when I would make a retreat.  I emailed the registrar saying, “Just put me in whatever retreat date I can have a confirmed spot and not be on a waiting list.” An even bigger step. She responded by saying that I had a spot in the November 9-17 retreat.  So I’ve had my sights set on November for seven months.

Last month I wrote to Sister Pattie, another sister-friend of mine who makes an annual October retreat at Gloucester. “Guess what? I am finally set to make a retreat at Eastern Pointe on November 9!”  Pattie has had her own battle with cancer this year and is just finishing a course of chemotherapy. Imagine my surprise and delight when I received an immediate email reply: “OMG! My sister Maggie and I are on the same retreat!”  Nothing is too wonderful for God. Grace upon grace. But an extra challenge to keep silence when we haven’t seen each other in more than 2 years!

The fact that I haven’t found time for writing and sharing my reflections tells me that I’ve been talking too much.  Eight days of silence should help and hopefully I’ll have something to put on this blog soon after I return. Meanwhile, please thank God with me for the healing that continues in my life and that allows this dream to come true.  I carry each of you in my heart.

on the rocks at Eastern Point


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