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summer solstice

casa sendingIt’s the longest day of the year: a good day to think about how I make “each day count”. In recent months I have been blessed with the opportunity to accompany the younger members of our house community as they transition to “what’s next” in discerning God’s call. Andrea and Tracy moved to Cincinnati last week and will be accepted as novices in our congregation on June 26th. Romina will begin graduate studies in San Francisco in August. Along with Sisters Carol and Peggy, the six of us were as intentional about making our last days together as a community “count” as we had been intentional in forming community together this past year.
But what happens now? I found a perfectly formed empty nest on the ground near the clothesline a few weeks ago and I brought it into the chapel where it sits as a reminder that something has ended -and what will be is not yet clear. There are still some last things to pack and send for Tracy and Andrea. The summer months will hold comings and goings for those of us who remain. It is an unsettled time and we will not have much of a routine for the near future. Later, we will re-group and re-form, letting God prepare another nest of us when the time is ready.
This is liminal space. Like a doorway. Like the moment between inhaling and exhaling. There is a great temptation to rush through to what’s next. But something tells me to wait, to pay attention to this space which is not just emptiness and which has a purpose all its own. This is a midpoint, a threshold. It is kairos. It is God’s time. Today I will hear God’s call, even if that voice is only asking me to wait, to wonder, to receive a stillness that holds a question. How many times I have counseled the women discerning God’s call to “try to love the questions” (Rilke)? On this longest day of the year, the first day of summer that also signals the movement towards winter, I will try to take my own advice.


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