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gift of faith

missionary thomasJuly 3 is the feast day of St. Thomas the apostle, famous forever for those stubborn words, “Unless I see…I will not believe!” We don’t remember as readily his confession of faith: “My Lord and my God!” or that this “doubter” is believed to have carried the Gospel as far as southern India before his martyrdom. This is also the day I made my lifetime commitment as a Sister of Charity of Cincinnati. So today I’ve been thinking about the times I’ve stubbornly doubted and the times I’ve trustingly believed. It is such a wonder that God works with whatever we bring on a given day- our doubts or our mustard seed of faith- and can use it for the good. I am grateful for my 33 years as a Sister of Charity and for all those who have loved me on days I doubted and on days when my faith was strong.

This song came to mind at community prayer this morning, shared by Meg McCormick in a talk she prepared for a young adults retreat when I was working in that ministry for the diocese of El Paso.

Have a listen and celebrate with Thomas and me today.


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